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TKS Polish Tankette (with easy tracks) 1/35

TKS Polish Tankette (with easy tracks) 1/35

TKS was a Polish light reconnaissance tank (tankette), built and produced in the thirties. It was based on an older tankette design – the TK 3. The main improvements, compared to its predecessor, were: modified frontal armor shape, different engine, thicker armor plates, improved drive train and added commanders periscope. Serial production started in 1934 and the total of 280 tanks were produced. Initially TKS Tankettes were armed with a Hotchkiss wz. 25 machine gun. Just before the outbreak of World War II army command decided to change the armament to NKM (Heaviest Machine Gun) wz. 38 FK-A 20mm – this Polish gun has proven to be very effective against the German tanks during the September 1939 German invasion of Poland. Unfortunately only 23 of the upgunned TKS tanks made it to the front line, most of them were still armed with the Hotchkiss machine gun.