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Bundeswehr Leopard 2A6 1/35

Bundeswehr Leopard 2A6 1/35

About the Leopard 2 A6

The latest upgrade to the Leopard 2 is a newly designed 55 caliber 120mm smooth bore main gun. Measuring 1.3m longer than the 44 caliber main gun of its predecessor, the Leopard 2 A5, the new gun of the 2 A6 provides higher projectile velocity for increased range and penetration. The 2 A6 retains improvements made to previous Leopard 2 tanks including wedge shaped spaced armor effective against chemical weapons and improved electric gun control and stabilization system. The use of the 2 A6 continues to spread throughout Europe with the Netherlands, Spain and Greece adopting the 2 A6 as their main battle tank.

About the Model

- 1/35 scale plastic assembly kit.
- Overall length: 314mm
- Accurately reproduced long 55 caliber 120mm smoothbore main gun adds to sense of power.
- 2 newly designed half body figures (commander and loader) included in kit.
- Goggles for figures, headlights and taillights reproduced using transparent parts.
- Kit features extra road signs for reproduction of realistic diorama.
- Includes decals to reproduce up to 4 different types of markings, including NATO versions used in Kosovo.

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