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Titan IIIC launch rocket 1/100

Titan IIIC launch rocket 1/100

The Titan IIIC was a space booster used by the United States Air Force. It was planned to be used as a launch vehicle in the cancelled Dyna-Soar and Manned Orbiting Laboratory programs. The Titan III was also used to launch multiple satellites during a single mission. It was launched exclusively from Cape Canaveral while its sibling the Titan IIID was launched only from Vandenberg AFB. The majority of the IIIC’s payloads were DoD satellites, namely for military communications and early warning. One flight was performed by NASA.

The Titan family of rockets began as one of the mainstays of America’s first line of defense. Kit features see-through nose cone that reveals the satellite payload, twin solid boosters, 3-stage rocket that can be displayed in stages or all together, decals with detailed markings, 12-page educational booklet about the development of this historic spacecraft with technical specifications.

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